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Associate of Science in Business Administration Degree Program

 Associate of Science in Business Administration program is designed to provide the student with a broad introduction to all areas of business: accounting, computers, marketing, finance, international business, management, etc. The variety of career choices available to graduates with business administration degrees is as wide as the field of study itself. Positions in management (private and public sector), marketing, and banking are only a few of the opportunities available. This distance education provides an excellent opportunity for students currently working in the business field to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

Courses in this program include:

Catalog No.Classes ListingUnits

ENG 110

Composition and Rhetoric I

4.5 (Online)

ENG 120

Composition and Rhetoric II

4.5 (Online)

PSY 110

Principles of Psychology

4.5 (Online)

ENG 130

American Literature

4.5 (Online)

SOC 110

Introduction to Sociology

4.5 (Online)

PHL 110 (A)

Critical Thinking

4.5 (Online)

CS 100

Introduction to Computers

4.5 (Online)

CS 110

Intermediate Computer (Introduction to Computer Application)

4.5 (Online)

CS 120 (A)

Advanced Computer

4.5 (Online)

CS 130 (A)

Introduction to Computer Networking

4.5 (Online)

CS 140

Special Topic in Computer

4.5 (Online)

CS 150

Database Management System

4.5 (Online)

ACC 105

Computerized Bookkeeping I

4.5 (Online)

ACC 110

Computerized Bookkeeping II

4.5 (Online)

ACC 150 (A)

Accounting Software

4.5 (Onine)

ECO 110

Principles of Economics

4.5 (Online)

BUS 110 (A)

Introduction to Business

4.5 (Online)

BUS 140

Special Topic in Business I

4.5 (Online)

BUS 150

Special Topic in Business II

4.5 (Online)

MGT 110

Principles of Management

4.5 (Online)

MGT 120

Human Resource Management

4.5 (Online)

MGT 130

Principles of Marketing

4.5 (Online)

Total 990/99


Gainful Employment Disclosure

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Associate of Science in Business Administration




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Office Manager, Administrative Assistant, Administrative Coordinator, Administrative Officer, Administrative Manager, Administrative Specialist, Administrator, Business Administrator, Business Manager, Director of Operations




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