Associate of Science in Accounting

Degree Program

Associate of Science in Accounting is comprised of a sequence of courses that prepares students for various accounting positions. Graduates of this program can expect to find employment as accounting technicians, bookkeepers, payroll clerks, or clerical assistants in business, government, or non-profit organizations. With experience, the graduate may qualify for more advanced positions, such as accountant supervisor or tax specialist. This distance education provides an excellent opportunity for students currently working in the business field to upgrade their skills and knowledge.


“ There is a lot of hands-on training at Advanced College and the academic activities are structured in such a way that I was able to manage my time and complete my program. The people at Advanced College have the success of their students foremost in their minds. ”

Myra M.

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Courses in this program include:

Catalog No. Class Listing Units
ENG 110 Composition and Rhetoric I 4.5 (Online)

ENG 120

Composition and Rhetoric II


PSY 110

Principles of Psychology

4.5 (Online)

ENG 130

American Literature

4.5 (Online)

SOC 110

Introduction to Sociology

4.5 (Online)

PHL 110 (A)

Critical Thinking

4.5 (Online)

CS 100

Introduction to Computers

4.5 (Online)

CS 110

Intermediate Computer (Introduction to Computer Application)

4.5 (Online)

CS 120 (A)

Advanced Computer

4.5 (Online)

CS 130 (A)

Introduction to Computer Networking

4.5 (Online)

CS 150

Database Management System

4.5 (Online)

ECO 110

Principles of Economics

4.5 (Online)

BUS 110 (A)

Introduction to Business

4.5 (Online)

BUS 140

Special Topic in Business-1

4.5 (Online)

BUS 220

Business Communications

4.5 (Online)

ACC 105

Computerized Bookkeeping I

4.5 (Online)

ACC 110

Computerized Bookkeping II

4.5 (Online)

ACC 120

Principles of Accounting I

4.5 (Online)

ACC 125

 Principles of Account II

4.5 (Online)

ACC 130

Intermediate Accounting

4.5 (Online)

ACC 150 (A)

Accounting Software

4.5 (Online)

ACC 160

Managerial Accounting

4.5 (Online)

Total 945 / 94

Gainful Employment Disclosure:

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Associate of Science in Accounting




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Accountant, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Staff Accountant, Accounting Manager, Cost Accountant, General Accountant, Accounting Officer, Business Analyst, Accounting Supervisor, Financial Reporting Accountant




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