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International Admissions

AC will admit students regardless of race, age, sex, religious creed, ancestry, color, national origin, disability, medical condition, marital status, sexual orientation, or status as Vietnam era veteran. Students should demonstrate maturity and motivation toward undertaking an intensive course of study. Additionally, students must demonstrate an ability to advance from the program as determined by the successful completion of an aptitude test.

Application Instructions for International Students:

In order to apply to for a program at Advanced College, student has to mail the following items to the school:

  1. A completed International Application form 
  2. US $100 nonrefundable application fee (payable to Advanced College).
  3. Official copies (in English) of all transcripts from all secondary schools, colleges, or universities that you have attended. Each copy must bear the original stamp or seal of the school and signature of a school official attesting that it is a true copy of the original document. Faxes or unofficial photocopies of academic records will not be accepted. Transcripts from Canadian or American school must be sent to Advanced College directly from the school. All transcripts that you submit become the property of Advanced College.
  4. $300 tuition deposit (refundable in $300 tuition deposit (refundable in case of cancellation)).
  5. Proof of financial responsibility.
  6. There are not any other charges for issuing I-20 or any services for international student.

international student handbook Download our International Student Handbook

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