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Accounting is the ancient art of communicating information about financial matters. There is barely a company or organization in the world that does require the help of employees with accounting skills. That is why pursuing an online accounting degree from Advanced College will be an enormous boost to your prospects with almost any type of employer.

Accounting skills are an enormous plus for job seekers, but also, for those seeking to move upwards from their current position. Taking online accounting courses from Advanced College is an ideal way to upgrade your knowledge and skills without interfering with your job or family obligations. Advanced College represents an outstanding distance learning opportunity for students throughout the United States.

Earning an online accounting degree from Advanced College will provide you with a great deal of the practical skills and knowledge you will need to understand the key principles of bookkeeping and financial management. Thus, our associate program provides you with a strong foundation on which to move forward in your career in just about any field. From medicine, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products to government and financial institutions, a thorough understanding gained in detailed accounting courses at Advanced College will be crucial in pursuing a successful career.

The opportunities for advancement continue once you have been awarded your associate accounting degree from Advanced College. At that time, you will be eligible to pursue a bachelor’s degree from Kaplan University while receiving a 10% discount on tuition through our articulation program and complete your bachelor’s degree in just 1.5 years!

For further details on an online accounting degree from Advanced College, please contact us online or call 562.408.6969. We look forward to hearing from you.

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